- My Rock Steady Childhood Friend

At the market
My child and I
Took from a nearby rack
Catch mitts
She put on one
X sizes too big
I put mine on
Over a quarter century
Since the time last
And in the alley
She played catch with me

I was transported
At that moment
To my boyhood
And remembered
My trusted friend
Rock steady
Every day
Waiting to play catch with me

You see my father was away
All the kids shied from me away
And all I had was my trusted friend
Who was always there for me
Until the day’s very end
Always there
Rock steady
Waiting to play catch with me

Always returning the ball
Never complaining
Larger than life
My best childhood friend
The back alley concrete wall
Rock steady
Still to this day
Waiting to play catch with me

© ® All rights reserved

by Ronberge (anno primo)

Comments (3)

This reader is not ashamed to admit that he had larmes aux yeux at the end of it...
Another strong poem Great sense of voice excellent Tom
Very well done......great symbolism.