My Room

my place.
my world.
my room.
full of rainbows,
and all the colors of my past.
our past.
the small window,
when we both peeked in the future.
the future with you and me.
with the ambiance of the rain.
my bed,
oh, that bed.
i can still remember,
how our innocent minds set us free.
and still he sit there,
the fruit of our imagination.
mr.stuffed toy, Teggy,
our very first son.
who loves to eat electronic strawberry donuts.
the pillows,
my soft pillows,
where the scent of your hair homed,
and how i used to smell it after you go.
we shared so much.
so much love.
my room.
our witness.
oh how,
i miss my room.
my colorful room.
now its nothing,
but a black and white room.
the colors,
all the colors..
slowly vanishing with the past fading.

by aisha jaime

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Good flow good job Jaime
Oh, Ais. This is a beautifully descriptive work, deeply touching in it's sadness. You did a great job, this is a gorgeous poem.