If You Left

If you left I would be sad
I understand you must be mad.
I don't know what I would do
If in this life I didn't have you.
Hired to make me smile
One so important even in denial.
I couldn't just let you go,
Not after this amazing show.
I'm so happy I met you,
But in all my life there's only a few
Who makes me smile like this
If you left you'd be ever so missed
Off the end of the world I won't let you fall
To make you smile I'll give it my all.
I would do anything to keep you at my side
I know life is hard and its one cruel ride
But that's why rides are in pairs
So someone can come along and share
Share the struggles and the pain
Someone to hold you tight in the rain
I would be there to help count the stars
Because you know me and all my scars.
From you I could never hide a thing
Because your touch makes me sing.
I want to be there for you like you are for me
And I want to show you the girl I see.
You are unbelievably beautiful
So full of color in my life so dull.
I'm sorry that you're hurt and sad
What a terrible person to make you mad.
I know who it was and we don't have to talk
But know my heart you have on lock.
It belongs to you and no one other
I'm sorry if I begin to smother.
But there's only one you
And I like you a lot if you know what I mean.

by Patrick Barongan

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