T. S. I. N. G. T. A. O.

Tender love! Joy with the muse of life;
Showers of blessing! With the romance of nature;
Insight with the muse of wisdom! !
Noted with the colours of creation,
Going along with your works,
Taking the lessons of peace and love,
According to servitude and attitude,
Overcoming the odds of life with the muse of the truth.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (2)

I wouldn't know about it standing up to Sappho, Nick, but I have to disagree that that the poem has much to do with friends; really more to do with those with who one sets as guides for one's own life, whether friends or no. Life goes on; you live it, you move far from those early guides, so far that they may now seem as cold and distant as stars.... and have you been back to DS lately?
This 'little' poem has a classical lyrical ethos and brilliance...it stands up to Sappho. The subject, Gunn's recollection of his friends, could easily have lapsed into sentimentality, just as could have Sappho's. Instead, he puts them into an apallingly cold hard orbit in the classical cosmos.