HQ (28/12/1983 / London, England)

My Sailor

I had a dream last night,
My sailor was stolen from me,
The curl sea took him.
The wave’s crashed up on him,
Throwing him from his place in life.
They pulled and pulled at him,
They pulled till he could fight no more.
Then they took him,
They took him to a place never to be found.

I’ve always loved my sailor,
But until this I didn’t realise how much.
It was all so real,
The pain, the heartache, the emptiness.
It was then I realised what my sailor has given me,
What he has shown me and taught me,
What he has helped me become.

Without my sailor I am a broken compass,
A mast with no sail,
I am a log book waiting to be written.
My sailor has given me the love of his world,
He has made me fell needed,
Needed like the stars and the lighthouse,
Without my sailor I am a empty boat,
With only open endless sea to travel.

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