My Saving Light

Can I compare you to anything on this earth?
Less I sound childish to compare you to yourself?
Throughout the ages it has been written of your eyes.
Those crystaline pools clearer than the night skies.
The way you move so fluid so free,
Dancing so lightly like the wind runs through trees.
Your hair, it falls and flies like comets out there.
And you're voice, you're laugh, bring me up from despair.
But these outwards are not what true beauty you are.
They're th things deep inside like your soul and your heart.
Forever close your eyes and take down the night skies.
Stop moving so free and cut all of our trees.
Cut all of your hair and may the universe be bare.
Let your voice sing no more and my thoughts dark and wrong.
Let the world fall apart and no longer be bright,
And still I will love you, my bright saving light.

by Mark Ruiz

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