My Savior

I reached into the darkness
He took me by my hand
He tried to help me
To better understand

He said, there are people
So much worse off then you
You need to look into your heart
To see what you can do

You have to lend a helping hand
Do all that you can
Never turn your back
On your fellow man

I said, what can I do
To help the down and out
He said, just listen to them
To see what their life is about

Sometimes people just need
Someone to lend an ear
So they can speak out loud
To tell someone their fears

We all live with dread inside
Of things we did in the past
It's nice to set them free
So our burdens don't always last

So remember to be kind
To all that you meet
Let them know that failure
They can one day defeat

After He lead me
From the dark into the light
I got a feeling deep inside
That things would be alright

I reached into the darkest
He took hold of my hand
It is because of Him
Today I am a better man


by Ray Hansell

Comments (1)

People just tend to judge rather than to better understand where people are coming from, why they act the way they do. With patience kindness can overcome evil. It happened to me with a person at work. And he was the last person who i thought was going to give me a gift this Christmas. Yet he gave me one and it was the best of all. Your uplifting words and kindness always count. A great poem Ray