My Savior And I

As I fall into this dark
Dark, deep abyss
I hear the humble lark
And I know that this
Is not where I belong

I will come out on top
I will not give up
I will never stop
Even when my time is up
I will go on

When that lightening comes
So does the soft rain
When the Creature comes
And growls all he can
Still here I will stand

Even though I walk
In this deep, dark abyss
I will fear not
And avoid the last kiss
Of the night

It will not take me over
I am not afraid
My ally is much bigger
The Creature can't escape
His death's cold grasp

When he is defeated
And all is well
I'll worship my Savior
There is no more hell
In His kingdom

I'll worship forever
In His palace above
I couldn't be better
This world can no longer shove
Me around

If ever I need
A reminder of Him
My Savior, The King
I look up at Him
In the gorgeous sky above

by Christina Kosemund

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