DW (24th, Dec.1986 / China)

My Saviour

Like a stray tiger,
Was me running in circle in the boundless forest,
What I needed is a way out,
And I was growling for it.
Like a blade of bright sunshine,
Was you piercing through the heavy fog and darkness,
What you gave is hope.

Time fleets by,
Since I was trapped in this vastness,
It is like a prison I can never break,
Until that instant you sparkled before my eyes.
Never before was I heard by anyone,
Even I broke my voice from shouting aloud for rescue.

Fog is melting, dark is weakening,
You spread light and warmth to every corner,
To me,
Road becomes smooth,
Vision appears clear,
Fear goes away,
Hope emerges from bottom of my heart,

How I wish you could accompany me all the way to victory,
How I wish I could be striving with you focusing on,
How I wish our souls could be beckoning for each without an ending,

I should be living in a place where people know my name there,
I should be living in a place where some one sees through me there,
Where the place is is the place where your footprints left.

I am running out from the forest of puzzle faster and faster,
Pull up the curtain,
Our show is about to start...

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Rudyard Kipling


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