My Scattered Feelings

How could the stars shine so brightly in the sky
when my love left me broken into countless pieces,
how could this night go so deep and frightening
when my broken heart memory recalls n still it teases.

how could i grieve how could i fret,
how could i live in this worthless regret.

how could i find those shattered broken parts,
when my love left me standing in the bolevard of broken hearts.

and while i try to call the night i never met you
it just took you a little while to ditch, or a seconds a few.

and when i seek consolation, all i could get more was tear
and just when i thought again to confide, i got smoked up in fear.

All i could think at night, stars above the sky, cool breeze,
was how could it be, world was moving so fast, how could it freeze.

and as i see this night falling, leaving me as a lonely soul
tell me how.. how could i fill more, this over flowed bleeding hole.

as i wondered how could you live a lie, cause you never assessed our rapport,
all you were was a lie, and you ask me to offend with a so weakly fort.

how could the fact that you never loved me be so irresistable,
i'm losing this battle, how could this fear be so invinsible.

you never looked back never ever called, you said you would try,
you will come in my darkest nights to console me, should i still live this lie.

how...? how could you leave me in a deserted island like that,
there is nothing here none in sight, its all just so flat.

what if the sun never shine again
what if clouds never rain again,
what if these wounds never heal again
what if they dont stop giving me such miserable pain.

and you say that i never loved you, how could that be
i always read your poker face, how could not ever see.

how could you leave me walking alone on a way so cold,
you saw my hands freezing, how could you not hold.

and just when i thought that i could live with the fact that you once loved me,
although our relation was not that intimate, still how could i feel not so free.

and when my fearsome past collides with my ruthless present, i bleed tears,
and when the memories of you with me recalls, it brings me so many fears.

and now i know that only thing left is to fall into the darkness or die,
last thing you said to me was to live, its impossible without you, but still i'll try....

written by: ahmed awan

by Ahmed Awan

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