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My School Days At Nine

Friendship is like a blooming flower,
Keeps growing until it's in full bloom,
Showing kindness and love as reflected;
The friendship remains our joyful destiny. As classmates we met like two butterflies,
Floating around full of vigor and devotion,
Just searching for a friendship so sweet,
I found total serenity and compassion. The friendship blossomed and bloomed,
Clearing away all fear and all doubts,
Finally it happened while walking one night,
Now the flower had kept growing ever since. I respect the friendship and loyalty, too,
With more trust and passion each day,
Now our future grows and brightly glows,
Today the loving relationship is a rose. -Motivated by communication with Mother Nature,
Great spirit and relate. My school days at nine
instilled a love of friendship of everlasting happiness. -Cheerful Charlie. May, 1928- May, 1998
70 years of poetical embraces. Romeo!

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