My Second Heartbeat.

Emo! loser! freak!
Sticks and stones may breck my bones but the words will forever haunt me.

Being alone isnt for everyone, being behind a glass wall wanting to be wanted.

Willing to belong.

Slit wrist and screaming tears, i hang myself to die.
i am who i am for my own reason to be.

Say what you like i've heard all before.
Stare at the girl you dont understand its ok i'll never ask why.

You dont have to make sense of anything you dont understand i'll just roll up and die.

but maybe just maybe this isnt the begining nor the end maybe its the middle where i find you laying there on the floor in the middle of the road ask 'am i sober yet? ' we look at each other
and walk away hand in hand.

With our blood forming together we stand forever.

by Nicole Baker

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