My Secret

N my sleep I c her.
She's much,
more than I could ever illusion.
Even n my slumber,
she can cause me 2 b breathless!
she has...
stars 4 eyes!
She has...
moonlite 4 a smile!
Her voice...
saturates my ears,
like the fragrance of n'censes.
Her perfume...
stalks my nostrils,
indentical 2 a Black Panther.
N'veloping her aroma n my lungs.
Her body...
Her soul...
I lick my lips,
I relish her kiss.
I smile,
I feel her touch.
I breathe,
I smell her heartbeat.
Wrapping myself n the wamth of her heartbeat.
She's un4gettable!
She's replayed n my thoughts as 1 of my favorite cd.
I make no excuse 4 how I feel!
She captivated my soul!
She's the sunrise 2 my 3rd eye.
4 your artistic superority of this earthly angel without wings.
She's a beautiful start 2 my day.
She's a lovely way 2 fall asleep.
N my mind...
I'll always b her man!

by m.karriem saleem

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