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My Secret Life I Give To You
JK (08311980 / new york)

My Secret Life I Give To You

Poem By jessie kollar

My heart burns from the lust that you have lit inside
My passion builds as I think of what I could do to you
The darkness swirls about me excited by these thoughts
Your all I need, your all I want, I want to take you into my hell
My darling I want to taste the sweat from your skin
Lick every dropp off of you
You have taken me to new heights of hunger
Make me your slave my Dark Mistress
I'm under your spell
I'm on my knees waiting for your command
You haunt my dreams, and my waking mind
My soul I'll sell just for a taste of your love
Take me into your sweet seduction
My will has crumbled
My heart an open sore
I'm sick & addicted
You’re my drug of choice, I need a fix of you
My darling I wander alone without you
Take me by the hand, show me your truth
Give me everything you haven't been able to give before
I'm here waiting for you
Wanting you
Needing you
Hungry for you
Can you see the burning lust in my eyes
My hands upon your thighs
Opening your gates
Me tasting you for the first time
Making love to you with my tongue
My twisted angel
I know what you need
I know what you desire
Give me a chance to fulfill your fantasies
My Mistress I'm here to please you
I am yours
Until you give into me I'm in hell
Give me your blessing
Let me find redemption in your sacrament
Absolution in your kiss
Heaven in your touch
Here my prayer to you my Dark Mistress
Come to me
Lay with me
Together we shall know love
And My Secret Life I Give To You

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