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My Secret Pain
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My Secret Pain

If you look at me you see average
Look into my eyes,
You see nothing wrong.
If you could look deep inside you'd see the real me

You can't see my bruises for their internal
No one seems to understand
For no one knows
For I can't tell a soul

If you only knew my pain
Then maybe I could explain
The things he did to me constantly
He'd climb on top of me

Why didn't he just kill me?
He finished up and walked away
Leaving no stain
Now no one will believe me

If you look long enough
You'll find it
My pain
My secret, secret pain

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Comments (4)

oh-em-gee! the poem - great! the event - i am so sorry. but i can relate - in a different way. dealing with secret pain is hard. but i rated 10! good job.
I love it! I'm sorry that this happened to you, but I can totally relate. I keep my pain secret for a different reason, but I still understand how hard it is to suffer alone. I'm glad that you got to get it out in this poem. Great work!
Yes, only the person who wears the shoes knows where it pinches! God bless you!
The eyes, they say, are the windows of the soul. And it is only when we look at the eyes of a person that we understand the workings of his soul. Great poem!