My Secret Place...

Poem By Vado Masinovic

My Secret Place..
Far, far away from here
Out into the darkness,
through the woods,
into a magical
and new world.
My world.
My getaway....
The soft grass that brushes against my skin,
The leaves that fall from above,
softly hitting the ground.
The rivers that surround the woods,
The way the water falls down,
and crashes violently
and suddenly it becomes calm.
The birds that chirp,
its like music to my ears.
Hearing the squirrels climb up
and down the tree.
Talking to each other.
A smile begins to peek through
and then a giggle.
One drop,
two drops,
and then several coming down all together.
Slowly and softly.
Hitting against my skin.
Goosebumps begin crawling up my spine.
All the pain
All washed away by a single drop.
This is my secret place…

-One day I plan to find this place I dream of.

Comments about My Secret Place...

Your dreams match mine, in toto. Thanks for the poem and the 'Poet's Notes'. 'The birds that chirp, its like music to my ears' - I too always say so.

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