HB ( / hell)

My Secrets

i pick my nose
i eat it to
i fart in class
and blame it on you

i slit my wrists
and watch it flow
i see it red
you wouldn't know

that dark alley
that strange voice
the hand across my face
what a waste

the nightmares that make me scream
the days that i dream
but what about you say
that day in a way

is it the way you laugh
that makes me smile
or the way you get high
that makes me realise

stay in my room
and sit and cry
write poems
bother, why?

why try to explain my feelings?
or bother to blink
because i know how u feel
and i know what you think

so go eat a poo
live a little
meet new fanjabies
all i do is pity

i pick my nose
and eat it to
i fart in class
and i blame it, i blame it on you.

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Comments (2)

ahaha ha! ! ! your comments to other ppl and your poems are fuuunnnnnyyyyy
so true. and deep...............