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My Self Destructive
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My Self Destructive

I take this knife,
that i stabbed your heart out with
bleed all over me, just bleed all over me.

I cant waste this time
Nows the time to just hold on
Breathe this gas its already made things slip away,
gone far away.

I take this knife that i cut your heart out with
just bleed all over me
just bleed like the sea.
Here out comes puddles of mysery and tyranny
in the soft spoken crys
when i look deep into your eyes.

I can feel the poison lingering upon your lips.
The toxicity has taken over me
Im fading away (fading away)
Im fading away (fading away)
into a place where I feel home
Just bleed it all away
Dont take it away
Never take it away
Your peircing touch is making me fade away
into the arms of Self Destruction.

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i liked it a lot. u have an unfortunate second name tho i must say lol x