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My Shadow's Name

My shadow needs a name of her own
So she knows who she is when she's all alone.

Her name must suit the things she does.
She's not always where I thought she was!

Sometimes she's here, sometimes she's there!
Sometimes she isn't anywhere!

She hops with me and sometimes skips.
Now and then we do some flips!

She dances with me and stays in step.
My shadow and I are full of pep!

We do soft shoe with little kicks...
We turn around and shake our hips!

I lose her quite often...she hides a lot.
She seldom stays in the very same spot.

She often is much larger than me.
She disappears when we pass a tree.

We raise our hands to wave good-by.
I wonder...did I see her cry?

She does as I do, she's best at that.
I know. I'll call her Copy Cat!

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