CY (3/10/93 / Round Rock Texas)

My Shattered Soul

My twisted broken soul lies in venomous
pieces strewn across the dark floor.
It lays here for you to take and to with
what you please, but no
I see you as you look down on me staring
at my broken self in disgust as you can no
longer stand what I have undesirably become.

So as my broken soul lays here,
for you to hold and mend you shatter
it against me. You take my broken
hate filled soul and you demolish and
shatter what remains, you are all I
desire and yet all that brings this hate
into my life and while I cannot stand
what you do to me I want nothing but
to fix your inhuman pain and suffering
as you fall upon and add more pain to
my soul which has already shattered from
the hate I have consumed.

I no longer care to feel for you when
I can barely feel for myself. And I must
leave as my broken soul must be rid of
you to mend itself, as all you do is
stare down into my soul and see how
much you truly hate it and destroy me with
no force but with your words and your fear.

Clayton J. young

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Comments (2)

It is all about the pain....not so much feeling it...everybody does that...but in describing other than a heartache.
You write similarly with W.H Auden..amazing! great imaginations u got..well done