My Shining Star

My shining star so beautiful bright and bold
how deeply I love you so.
It's you in pure love I see whenever I close my eyes,
a heavenly Angel that glows,
my heart jumps and sings at the sight of you.

My shining star I adore and admire you so,
you're my only one and everyday
everywhere you go I stand by you hand in hand,
you're my everything and the woman I deeply adore.
You are my shining star and I love you more than anything.

Oh Kira my sweet precious shining star
you truly are so very beautiful,
plese come take my hand my true best friend
for you are the holder of my heart and soul forevermore,
you're the only woman I want by my side for all time.
You are truly my shining star.

Oh my dear darling Kira shining star
I love you more than anything and need you to look in my eyes,
see the truth they hold for you.
For you to feel my heart against yours as they communicate
telling each other the most profound truths.
I love you Kira my shining one,
only you will ever complete my lonely life.

by Michael P. McParland

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