My Shining Star

Lighning strikes, and thunder roars,
The wind blows through the trees,
My heart races to find the place,
That puts my mind at ease,

No one can see, or understand,
How strong my desires are,
To reach that place in my life,
To hold my Shining Star.

Trust in me, come with me please,
To my special place,
Take my hand, let me lead you there,
Beyond the human race.

I'll give you all I have to give,
And promise you, once you are there, there will be no uncertainty...

But if a storm shall arise,
And you feel the need to flee,
I'll open my heart and let you out,
With sadness, I'll set you free,

But you must take that first step,
Toward my open arms,
And let me give what I have to give.
I believe in you, please believe in me,
For you are my Shining Star.

by Lee McVicar

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