LM (May 1st 1981 / )

921. An Endless Trial? ! 290508

Mustard seeds scattered from a mountain peak could be collected!
Mind full of thoughts running hither and thither could be collected?
Sitting an hour to chant Your names after social duties of each day,
To concentrate on Your charming form, Tell me is there an easy way?

Each day I watch my mind going after lifeless things like a vulture,
Thousands of trials to keep the mind on Your names bear failure.
There was no day in which thoughts fled from Your lovely structure.
Though thoughts roar like waves, will I thrive in mind-melting venture?

Digging the mind I find only thoughts and thoughts forming I frame
I, being the personification of thoughts, try to remove thoughts the same
By focusing the thoughts on Your enchanting form and powerful name.
Will I succeed at least by the end of this life to add luster to Your fame? 220508

(Every day I chant Lalitha sahasranaama (Devi’s thousand names) . But almost all days mind will stray in daily duties or will converse with some one or the other. Very rarely it sits still to enjoy the sweetness of Divine Naamas.)

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