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My Shining Sun
CM (05/05/1977 / Bangor, Northern Ireland)

My Shining Sun

Poem By Clare McWilliams

Sun and rain they clash
To refract the light and make a haze of colours in the day.
This forces a smile from my weary face
And I appear as though a child in wonderland.

You are another anomaly which causes this phenomenon.
Child of my womb, blood of my blood,
You who took a part of my soul with you when you
Exited my body and entered the big unknown.

They cut the cord that bound you to me
And I watched it rot into the cutest belly button ever encountered.
But they could not sever the line that binds me to you forever
For this will never decay.

It is connected to my heart, my soul, my mind and is immortal.
It is my priviledge to to nourish and nuture you my little one,
With all that i can give for eternity.

Your innocence and infinite wisdom
Guides me through this life,
For I was but a child myself when I first held you in my arms.
And so the rainbow in your eyes lights up my soul,

For when you look at me and smile
I see my Shining Sun
My weariness drifts off just like that rain cloud
I don't see when you are near

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