My Ship Set Sail This Day

Alas, my love, what heart felt phrase
Could my sad verse express;
That might well serve to satisfy
This pain I now possess?

What parting song would set the mood?
What poet's words ring true?
What signal of a friendship death
Was missed by me, from you?

Perhaps it was the spread of time,
The spectrum strains of life.
It's not enough to charge it to
The duties of a wife.

Yes, friends will always make the time.
A minute, one or two.
To certify their just regard
And care, so it comes through.

The choices of the time we spend,
Sometimes, a just mistake.
But darling, oh my darling dear;
These ones for Heaven's sake.

Now let me see, it's laundry time.
My friend, of many years.
Now let me think, the ironing board.
My friend, consumed by fears.

The question that I have for you,
Was did I cross your mind?
And if I did, it's oh so sad.
And worse, it's so unkind.

That's why these fated words I write
To one I've loved so true,
Have forced me to accept the fact
You don't feel as I do.

You may not understand at first
Why I must say good-bye.
It's not as though the love I've felt
Has turned into a lie.

It's just that for the love I give
Expressed by my concern;
The consequence I do require,
Is notice in return.

The fact you do not notice me,
Or so it now appears;
Means you're prepared to let my ship
Sail on this sea of tears.

I did not set to sail by choice
Upon this solemn sea.
Your note revealed these hidden words,
'Please go away from me.'

I tried my best these many years,
Though futile it now seems.
Perhaps, a friendship void of truth,
Sealed up in phantom dreams.

With that, our friendship dies of age.
Adieu, my phantom friend.
Who knows when friendships go astray,
Or why they reach their end?

As it may take a little time
For me to drift away;
I write this just so you will know,
My Ship Set Sail This Day.

No tide of tears can bring it back
When such gale winds are blown.
It seeks love harbors yet unseen,
And friendship lands unknown.


Comments (11)

You know at times I am very envious of you. I feel I am reading Kipling or Browning, even Frost. You do have a superb way of writing and the topics I thoroughly enjoy.
A legendery job is done! Wonderful poem with beautiful idea.
yes, it's time to set your sail today, not tomorrow, or next time, but today, . Your words are full of deep emotions, the cobwebs of hurting experience and the lasting expectations to not let that ship go away..There is still that turning back, as i can feel it..but go, my friend.sail away..your inner peace will go with youy. Shalom Hugs, Meggie
Very emotional parting and as the tide comes in it goes out and washes everything away.Good rhyme another 10 with many stars if I could vote.
May your voyage be a smooth one this time around bro.Take care.
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