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My Shoes
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

My Shoes

If you were to wear my shoes
Would you do the things that I have done,
Fight the battles that I must fight
Or would you turn around and run.
Would you walk the places where I have walked
And take the steps that I have took
As my road has been a hard walked road
Or could you even bare to turn around and look.
Would you confront all that came towards you
And swear to me and GOD that you will never run or hide
Can you stand for your beliefs as I do mine
Or will you hide from them, and keep them deep inside.
If your cheated on, would you confront the cheater
If your lied upon would you stand up and fight
Or would you accept what has been done to you
And try to keep it in your soul, and far out of sight.
My name is my word and my word is my honor
And when I die that's all that I will take
And I fight my battles by myself and all alone,
And no one, will I ever use or will I forsake.
If you tried on my shoes would they even fit
I think that and I know to myself probably not
My journey has been a long traveled road
As what I searched for you had never sought.
You look at my hands and you'll see my pride
In this world of Man I have paid my dues
And on your hands do you see anything at all
But then you have never, walked in my shoes.

Randy L. McClave

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