My Silence

All my life i've been searching for love
so who's to say there will be someone?
Silence can be so loud
it can say alot
without having to shout or even make a sound
Just pass by and say goodbye
which is so hard for me to do
because whenever your around
i just want to be with you
what once blossomed will no longer bloom
i'm the way i am and always will be
but i rather have a scratched pride
then a broken heart
the love that stands before you
is how its meant to be.
you seemed like a blessing, a gift from above
my angel sent for all to gaze upon
we though we had something special,
but inside we knew it was just another lie
blinded by beauty.
everything woulb be okay,
i'll never trust those wo; rdss again,
these words only summon memories.
there aro no words, there is no side
when you can't defend that someone has lied
your carefull little web of lies isn't all that strong
they bring you down before you even begin
the truth will catch up fast,
and that's something you can't fight
i die just a little inside
and its all because you lied,
found out i was wrong.
even with a broken heart, i still love you.
i'm gonna love you till the day i die,
because you're the one i wait for, isn't it though.

Lleyson Hernandez
January 8,2010

by Lleyson Hernandez

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