My Silence Is Pregnant

I have deliberately sealed my lips
not because there are no words
that l can form to reply you.

Sometimes it is better to just watch
and not say things that should not be said.
You have wronged me greatly but this is
not the time to talk about things that
have been done or need to be done.

I could have shot you with words
but l have the knowledge that
the spoken word is like a bullet
it can hurt or kill the soul.

That is why l have kept my words
where they should be and not
pressed any trigger that is likely
to trigger things in our relationship.

You have said things that should not
be said and l have heard things that
the ear should not hear.
But that is the ways of the world
some speak without thinking
whilst some reason well before
they open their mouths and that
is what l have decided to do.

by Francis Kokutse

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Francis, interesting title... and a lot of wisdom in what you do have to say. Great write! ! Brian