My Silent Struggle

I walk down the halls,
smiles and lockers.
I look at them all,
it would shock her.

I point to a girl,
standing in the hall.
A different world.
I fooled them all.

They don't know,
what I hide.
I don't show,
my feelings inside.

They don't see,
every cut and slit.
It is just me,
the fuse is lit.

Ticking and ticking,
'til i cut too deep.
Not even thinking,
or I will weep.

Not even she knows,
she is my mother.
Not even he knows,
he is my brother.

The silent battle,
I fight inside.
Nothing that will,
save my life.

Every single day,
I spend not eating.
There is no way,
I am retreating.

I will fight to the end,
when I cut to deep.
I will defend,
'til the never-ending sleep.

I will not starve,
until I give up.
Which is not far,
where is love?

Hate is all I feel, it's the only thing real...

by Everlasting Nightmare

Comments (2)

I am the author, naseer it was not about love but her silent struggle in general about life. she cuts and does not eat but no one cares enough to see. she is me. ok?
Struggling for life and searching for love is always a silent fight. Love is real too and it is everywhere, just look around.....I hope you will feel better. Best Wishes Naseer