My Sin

Poem By Eudora M.A.S.S.A.

In all of the people I see, I find your face
Images of you, all over the place
My mind keeps remembering you all of the time
So I tried to block my mind, but it won't give in
You are my sin.

Every place I go, I feel your presence near
But every time I turn around
You’re not there
I tried to block my senses, but they won't give in
You are my sin.

I've got my eyes on no one else but you
But now I see you everywhere
I can describe you in full detail
So I tried to shut my eyes, but they won't give in
You are my sin.

Every sound around me disappears
There's no sound of anything
You are all I hear
I tried to block my ears, but they won't give in
You are my sin.

I decided to challenge karma
You’re like forbidden fruit
I think of you in my wake and in my dreams taboot
I tried to take my life, but fate won’t give in
You truly are my greatest sin.

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A good read. I can definately relate.

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