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My Sister
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My Sister

Poem By Pam Fraser

My sister always
is not
a good listener.
What ever
I need to tell her,
she almost always
isn't there.
Shrugging me away
my sister always seems
to be doing.
I don't understand
A helping hand
needs to be.
When I need someone
it seems,
you are there.....
Yet, she doesn't see.....That I try.....
She seems so blind.....I try to confind.....
Like to do, with you.
My sister shows little interest
in what I need,
and pays too much attention
in how I show it.
She doesn't give me any time or day.....
How do you suppose I do.....
If I want to be freinds
my sister won't let me.
It leaves me very sad.....
and empty.....
Neverless, it hurts
and makes me
feel like dirt.....
Do I need to keep giving to show how much effect I do.....
I keep living without her,
as close as we are
never going to be.
.....between her and me
things don't have to be this way.
What must I do.....
I wish she could see that we're adults.
I feel she still continues to insult.
Doesn't want me in her life.
I use all my strife to have
some kind of relationship with
My sister.....I miss her

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Sisters can spend their lives fighting over their father's lovelong after he's dead...same suggestion as before - write the poem you wish she'd write to you...