My Sister

Here, I sit full of gloom
All alone in my very own room
It's enough to make me weep..
All because of that little creep

Sister is a rotten, horrid child
And that is just putting it very mild
She is bad to a great extent
But its my reputation that is getting bent

Little sisters are a real big pain
She ruins my homework after I've racked my brain
She bothers me when I have a guest
And always acts like a royal pest

Once she spilled a chocolate malt
Then told mom it was all my fault
Whenever we get into a fight
I'm in the doghouse all the night

That's the trouble with being old
When there's trouble, you get the scold
But wait, I wont be sad
Instead, I will be glad

'Cuz now I'm mad at my dumb sister
And her little but I'm going to blister
This house will no longer be so wild
Because..... I'm going to become an only child

by Arfa Karim

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cute poem..sisters can be like that..but 1 day when you both are grown you will be best friends...