My Sister My Babygirl

Poem By Lil Bonifide

There is no one like you.
I thank God you are my Sister and my BabyGirl.
It's you I put so much trust in,
and in you I fully confide in.
To you I look up to. You are one of a kind.
We keep our secrets closed.
You scold me when I'm naughty,
You hug me when I'm sad.
We disagree on some things
but not in comparison to what we agree on.
You listen to me and you tell me your mistakes
inorder to forget mine.
You lead the way for me to follow,
You are second to none.
What a wonderful sister and Babygirl I have,
and I cherish you most in the world

Comments about My Sister My Babygirl

You hug me when I'm sad. We disagree on some things but not in comparison to what we agree on. poem makes its beauty when it fall from lovable little heart.... you makes peak of its qualms feel
Such a beautiful dedication in the love that you share with and to your sister.

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