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My Skin Finally Fits!

The professor looked around
happily commenting on all the extroverts
in our class this semester.
She was looking at me!
ME! ?
Did she just call me
an.....extrovert? ?
No...I'm shy!
I've been shy all my life!
I'm known for my shyness
my inability to function well in groups!
I don't talk to strangers!
(She must have me confused
with somebody else.)

I started asking my family members...
do you think I'm shy?
They laughed!
Yeah, you're real shy!
''You're one of the shyest people I know! ''
They walk away...
shaking their head...still laughing.

Then, it hit me
(like a ton of bricks!)
I'm NOT shy!
I don't get nervous when I enter
a classroom full of people I don't know.
I don't mind speaking in front of people.
I will initiate conversations with strangers.
I talk to people.
I talk ALOT!

When the heck did this happen?
I don't know........

I'm finally comfortable in my own skin.

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Comments (4)

Priase God, I'm glad you are! !
Goody, goody, goody! ! ! ! Just what I like to hear. Jolly good write too. Loved it enormously. Thanks for another of you super poems. Love Ernestine XXX
Good for you, Mary. I've enjoyed this little tale. Regards, Gina.
That is the best gift you'll ever have Mary. Good for you. Rusty