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My Smile Caught Your Eye
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

My Smile Caught Your Eye

The rose blooms,
Not too soon,
It is the red the colour like the rouge I wear for you.
And my eyes glisten to the tune in my heart,
As I dance a silent song with you.

The elegance of my form,
I allow a drawing to grace a page for you,
I see the beauty of the shining example of beauty,
The you that is you, with me.

You are a friend.
And I know you as such,
Beyond the writing,
You find me.
I trust you to know my name.

I know your truths,
I have mine too.
I know only the song of two,
This, that is you.

Through the beauty of you,
I can see a glimmer of me.
I see the youth you capture,
A piece of me you hold true.

I am the distant end,
The new beginning.
The peace for a friend that is two.
I am this song,
A song for you.

I thank you.

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