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My Soilders Leaveing
JP (10/03/92 / Hadley)

My Soilders Leaveing

American soilders come and they go...
But to get to stand by ane and have the chance to heart there story
Is a memory that i will never got to forget..
I never understood what if felt like to be an american until i talked wiht my friend jade..
He is leave in to go across seas tuesday and it hurts me so to know he is go in
im not sure what im go in to do if anything happens to him
The few times that i have got to be wiht him have brought me to know who i am
and that the freedom that i have doesnt come free
to have to kill or wond a soilder thats not your own when he is only 18 years old and you know that your the reason that he wont make it longer in life is an everlasting memory for my friend..
I want him to know that evrydai he will be in my heart
That no matter what soilder dies a part of my heart dies with them to know that they are do in it so that me and so many other can be free
But in my case i dont want toi fight in a war
And i dont want to lose anyone from the war...
Everyday after he goes i dont want to get the letter that says he will never again come home again
What can i do to make him see how much me means to me
When he will board that plane if i like it or not...

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