My Son

remember when you were a boy
So happy playing your toys
Everyday you'd wake up with a smile
And dress yourself with your own style

You loved your sports, even at the age of 2!
But you also loved cuddling with Mom
In front of the tube

When you were little you looked like your dad
But as you got older you look like me
Your dad toughen you up just a tad
But your softer side is from me

I see how much you've grown
And how you tower over your dad and me
I could not be any more proud to see
Than that man in front of me

As you get older and come into your own
You'll have your share of problems
Just remember you're never alone

Your friends look up to you
Cause your heart is big and kind
You can see the good in most
And you have an open mind

Be fearless with confidence
And you will conquer the world

by Pookey's Poems

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a lovely poem to your son. I feel the pride you have for him.