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My Son

As my hair loses its color
And my eyes lose their spark
I still want you to recall
Our moments at the park
Catching fish,
Soaking up rays
Time so sweet
Moments so dear,
My son,
You have not lost me
Though your tears
Fall tender
On your cheeks
You have not lost me.
No, my dear son
You have become me.
And in passing,
My gift of words is this;
Addiction is not happiness,
Yet the bond we hold
With it is strong.
Break the ties
With things
That no longer
Climb with you
Into the future.
Be courageous enough
To fly,
With grace,
In all that makes you
Soak each moment up
In life, though it were your last.
Find joy, even in the toughest hour.
The sun sets, oh so fast.
Hold tight, to those who hold you.
Be the man,
That your child remembers
Long after
There is you.

by chris schwartz

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