BAA (06OCT58 / Alton, IL)

My Son, My Soul, My Sun, My Sol

Gaze into the ebon sky at night, the myriad stars, there see.
Their size and light are hard to judge, they vary by degree.
From Earth unknowing, we view the stars, with only our poor eyes.
They come and go, here and there, creation and demise.
Some stars are very tiny, like a candle on a table,
of a genious writing poetry, without it he's unable.
Some stars, like fires, in a hearth, before, sit man and wife.
Fueling affection in their hearts, to last them all their lives.
Some stars, like searchlights on the shore, in lighthouse towers burning,
Guiding sailors home at night, to the family's bossom yearning.
You, my son, are like a star, without you all is night.
You my sun are shining, you bring my darkness, light.
Don't judge yourself by other stars, let them shine and know,
That you, you are my universe, all others come and go.
To me, they are like match flames, flickering in the cold.
But you, you are my sunshine, your greatness shines like gold.

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Your father must love you very much! He is a lucky man to have such a wonderful son!