My Son Told Me

My son told me
I am not up to mark,
I am not transparent.
My wife told me
I should be more intimate,
I should be more fair.
But, O my dear, How can I?
Since you are there
Within me and also
Outside, there you are.
You have made me what I am,
And I am here though not alone
I am here with an unique identity
That is Yours not seen in these eyes.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (2)

I should be more intimate, I should be more fair... nice lenes...10 the behavior must speak it should not make you weak the show should be all round no flaw should be found
Dear poet, you are practically bringing up the concern that many are wanting to experience, that is, the concrete expression of love and concern that we can give to the person we love, which often we take for granted. We are expected and demanded to do more so their eyes can see. While we know that our own expression of love cannot really be full and complete. It is always limited.