RB (02/24/86 / Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

My Song

They say love is a beautiful thing

but if I could sing I would sing beautiful

words to you like step one would you be

my sweet lady step two come be my

good thang that stays fly from the outside

to her mind and hold late nights conversations

and have discussion over taking long vacations

with me and step three sexy can I come over and

hold you like you'll never see me again step four are

you that zodiac freak or the heartbreak chick that

I been looking for and ready for that fix step five

I would write a book filled with plenty of pages describing

the beauty that I think you are step six I can go all day talking,

texting and thinking of sweet things to say to you step

seven I could write a song that comes out okay but when you

smile about it came out to be a perfect jason's lyrics

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