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My Song

There has to be a song
that describes the way I feel.
About you
about me
about us

I am searching my mind for a song that captures the depths of my pain
Someone has a song that fills the void of a heart wondering how and why.

There has to be a song that tells me why I cry.
The inconsistencies of you, the lies of you, the liberties of you, the...of you
It must cover me, wrap itself around me, tell me why it's hard to forget you.
It must breathe for me see for me since behind the tears everything is dim.
I need to write that song that gives me the...you know.
Is this the song?

There has to be a song.
Free me.

And you walk in. I melt again, feel again.

There must be a song that will command my heart to stop feeling, make me cold concerning you. You smile and my heart sings.
You will never know.
Outside I am a hard shell.

So, who can write this song that feels my pain.
Why this pain? Why now this pain, what is this pain.
No more.
Want to be me, again, want to be free again and heal.

This has to be the song, well it's me.

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