My Song For You

(for Annelize, after Dorothy Parker)

This is what I swear to you:
that eternally I want to view you
as the most wonderful and lovely woman,
that I do want to honour you
and love like this is something that stays eternally,
even if decades and years do pass
as you are always very special to me,
this that I swear to you.

Here are my sincere prayers:
that continually I want make you proud of me,
that our love day upon day will become better,
that without meaning or reason
we will intensely as man and woman love each other
and constantly I do pray you into my days
that in truth we will never fabricate anything for each other,
are my sincere prayers.

Out of life I do know
that love does sometimes bring pain and sometimes happiness,
that love is a principle and not an inspiration
but that it does cover all things,
that you are my first and last woman,
that I have been missing you for decades
and the Lord God does bring everything to meaning,
is what of life I do know.

[Reference: "Somebody's song" by Dorothy Parker.]

by Gert Strydom

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