My Soul!

Poem By Affaq Nabi

From teenage: My moments
were not as my Mates- -
I've not played the violen
as others shot,
To please the rustic pretty girls- -
My flight, has been always like the light breeze,
Though I could not sordid my
Soul- -
To bring momentry joy to my mortal being,
Well, I dwell as a lonely fowl on rosewood branch- -
Ah! chanted my own melody,
And good, on sideway's of dude ranch- -
They were the early days, to aplease-His might!
I' favoured always fair populism- -
In any state whatever they were I didn't quit hope.
My lord gave me scope of sincerity-
That shielded me from gales of heresy.
These were the mystries- -
That unites me still,
And in love, my tears start spell- -
Like voice of Nattergal's singing shrill....

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A good soulful poem.
Very well penned poem.

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