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My Soul Called

I lost my soul.
Goes by the name John Doe.
He used to cut throats and make men vomit on their smokes
LOL, jokes!
Smells of heaven sent, this perfume I bought was from Shirley's in Kent.
I used to find him in the pub talking to a woman first name bub.
Always messed around, like the soap he tried to strangle and drown.
He said it was cos it touched him in the bath tub, giving his bottom a little rub.
He thinks he can do what he wants like open a shop,
called hot dandies and sell nothing but candies and panties.
He wore this blond coat down to his toes, now bub walks around with no hair.
I said a little prayer to put an end to this nightmare.
He must of wondered off, all my muffins he did scoff or maybe he's hiding in the loft.

by Rachel Aurelien

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