My Soul Danced

My soul danced to the celestial notes
That with plenitude sifted out of heaven
And gently rained on my calm self
And caressed my whole being with such a touch
That moulted and sublimated my soul
From the corporeal enshrinement
To the ethereal planes of heaven above.

It traversed planes never before seen nor heard of
Rolling through countless pulsations of heavenly serenades
And sang and danced with the angels of Him who stands Most High
Causing jocund bliss to flood the area
Unlocking endless waves of eternity strands
That with ease modelled and re-modelled my soul
Till it with pride and satisfaction gained angelic beauty
Which now saturates and characterises it.

My soul danced and bowed in gratitude
To the One who sits Most High
For the intense splendour infused therein my soul
With such zeal, ecstasy and spiritual aura
That propelled it to limits yet unknown
Both in the cosmic perimeters and
In the extra-terrestrial zones known

It communed with souls long gone
But what grand music did my father's soul key in?
Whence did my mother's soul compose such infectious notes?
Was my sister's soul always encased with such evocative notes?
Why hadn't I known my people's souls
Always carried such resonant tunes!
My soul then communed again
It communed with souls at Home Again
That communion took place in my better-half who
With a soft touch of my lips and cheeks
Later revealed to me
How I lay smiling, often laughing
Occasionally muttering incomprehensibly
In that divinely glorious sleep.
My murmur, smiles and laughter
Took a grand effect on the better-half
Who now prays that
My soul goes on dancing
Again and again
And ever...

by Ronald Kigozi N

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flashes of rainbows lightning stroking my entire vicinity........when i read your writes.....keep up.....
Beautiful Poem of a lost soul found and saved...thanks for sharing Ronald
this is the art im looking for