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My Soul Mate

My Soul Mate
Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers, Saturday, November 19,2011, @ 1: 31 PM

My distress overwhelms me
Seeking contentment yet not finding any
Great is the void right now in my existence
Happier days are putting up a resistance

Peace of mind I find seldom
Waiting on a day that may never come
Sweet the memories of true winsome
Reflections inspiriting I do welcome

From isolation, the body goes into seizure
For all things great or small needs closure
All things now feel of displeasure
A life no more of simple leisure

I feel so adrift without you
Now there's nothing I can do
Dreams modest won't come true
My glee passes in review

I can't seem to get you off my mind
What I feel cannot be defined
To another, I am sincerely blind
From this destiny, I am now resigned

Hearing your voice brings so much gladness
It chases away all my sadness
Trying my best from not shedding a tear
When I see you everything becomes clear

Signing off I start to brood
Elation turns to a bitter mood
Feeling regret for the times we argued
For this heart you've truly slued

Lonely is the soul that waits
Thoughts in the mind vibrates
Lingering on a distinctive date
For I So long for my soul mate

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