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My Soulmate
SAS SARAH A. STRUSZCZYK (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)

My Soulmate

I wish I could explain just how my life has changed

with all the struggles and obstacles that have set me out off range

Never knew the meaning of true love till an Angel came to me

My days and nights became a place I enjoyed to be

With her glance, smile, hugs and her kiss

I wonder how I ever lived my life without all this

That sparkle in her eyes when she glares into my face

I can’t help but to wonder why she picked this waste

I’m not the best Mother and she deserves the best

So scared of making any mistakes I shake within my chest

Remembering my childhood everytime I held her near

my heart beating within hers the sound becomes so clear

This love I feel cannot ever break

My love for her no one could ever take

She’s the reason I smile and laugh each day

and she chose ME so I’m here to stay

My darling daughter Hannah Jane

Mommy Loves you all the same

when years go by and you grow old

please still come to me to hold

in your pain n joyful times

i hope to be there; do not decline

Each day of hell and heavenly bliss

from infant years to teenage that become memories we miss

For now you’re still a baby; well that you’ll always be

And I’ll cherish every day with you and hold that memory

And when I die and lose your heart

please know I’m loving you no matter how far apart

I’ll wait forever for your warmth of love

to keep you in my heart always from up above.

So Hannah Jane my reason for breathing

These are the words I cherish and believe in

Mommy loves you more than you’ll ever know

Hannah please do take your time to grow

I love you! !

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Wow! i feel the reason for those words...How we love to translate our dreams and like to see life fresh through our children...Good work!