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My Space

So cosmic this space is!

I never imagined

What I could?

Just a puff of air

That could crimson the life

That could lay a carpet to dreams

That could invite thousands and thousands of steps

To traipse forth all through the existence

The space doubled up and proliferated

Multifaceted and vivid with vibrancy

I have my own space to treasure

My surging feelings as high waves

To etch them on the silky soft marble minds

With fragrant thoughts that hang about for ever

My low moods shape themselves

As solitary moons

Hiding their heads in the lap of darkness

Sharing the ebbs and tides with other similar fanatics

Swabbing the welling up emotions

With a soft touch of human friendly

Wipes from the books I love

An inner space!

It’s exclusive and confidential

As an unopened blossom

The thoughts never come to encounter

Any rays

Let them be from moon or sun

It starts with me rests with me sleeps with me

As breath it shades me

From birth to the grave

It’s unseen and unknown to any

How can I expose it?


by swatee sripada

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