My Special Friend, The Icecream Man

Poem By Brandi Young

My friend and I have a special sort of relationship.
Everyday between 1pm and 7 he comes to play with me.
No, not in that way.
You sick freaks.

When I hear his loud child friendly song,
And when I see that big truck,
The one decorted in polk-a-dots,
I get all happy in my pants, and do a little dance.

Everyday I ask my special friend very politely,
'Mr. Icecream man, Sir., may I please have some candy cigarettes and an icecream cone? '
He says to me 'you sure can, sugar! '
I hand him the money and he hands me my treats.

Then we start with are thank you's and goodbyes.
It's quite a bittersweet moment.
Bitter because he has to go,
But sweet because I get to eat my treats.

24 hours later
The ritual repeats and repeats and repeats
Until that faithful day when it gets to cold and winter starts.
I really will miss that song and his big truck and them candy cigarettes.

Well I shouldn't be sad, I should lift my chin and smile,
Cause I know that he will be back again next summer,
But in the mean time I can't wait for tomorrow,
To see my special friend, the icecream man.

Brandi Young

Comments about My Special Friend, The Icecream Man

hey there, i know what u mean by sayin 'no, not in that way u sick freaks' coz my friends probably would have thought of sumfin like that, luv da poem nywayz buh bye jess :)
Original to say the least, a good story well told (and i really liked the first verse) . All the best Ian

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