My Special Someone

When I first met you it was plain to see,
that you were someone special to me,
your smile was so nice and wide,
it told me you were trusting, way down deep inside,
when I touched your hand, and kissed you on the cheek,
my heart was madly racing, my knees were kind of weak,
I knew you were the one, I was searching for,
that my hunt was over and I would look no more,
I felt like a teenage kid, my heart was all aglow,
if nothing else I did, I had to let you know,
men all grouped around you, trying to win your hand,
I had to come up with something, I had to have a plan,
my mind began to thinking, just what could I do,
to put these other men aside, and to get next too you,
finally I hit upon it, how to put them on the shelf,
the only way to do it was just to be myself,
so I walked right up to you and asked you for a dance,
when I saw the relief on your face, I was glad I took the chance,
you came into my arms and filled me full of glee,
just to think I held you, so very close to me,
the music was like magic as we danced away,
I knew when I held you, that you were there to stay,
you are still my special someone, how you fill my life,
I thank the lord above, for making you my wife.

writter by Harry Bryant
1/16/05 4: 46: 12 AM ©
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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